It’s more than Soccer

Soccer Einstein is a fun soccer program designed for children 3-8 years old to introduce them to the game of soccer. Soccer Einstein not only teaches children the basic skills of soccer but places a high emphasis on character development as well. Thousands of children throughout the United States each year experience the fun and excitement of Soccer Shots!

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The foundation of our program comes from our own appreciation of the game of soccer and the positive character traits we’ve developed through participation in the game. All Soccer Einstein participants are treated with dignity and respect and are thus expected to treat each other in the same way. Sportsmanship and fair play take precedence over winning. Teamwork, obedience, and good attitudes are reinforced during every session.


It is great as a preschool teacher to see my students get quality, instructional aerobic exercise while having fun playing a sport together

Soccer Einstein’s has been at our Goddard School for over 9 years now and the children have loved it!

The great thing about Soccer Einstein’s is that it is not just about teaching the game of soccer to the kids, but it helps build coordination, character and other developing needs that children benefit from